• What's Brandused certified mean?

Brandused certified means that we personally inspect gear for authenticity and anything labeled as certified has passed inspection to ensure that you get gear that still has a lot of life left.

  • Returns?

All sales are Final no returns or exchanges allowed.

  • How do I post?

You can message us on instagram: @brandusedboxing or send us an email at brandusedboxing@gmail.com

  • How do I buy gear from instagram sellers?

you can click the image of the gear you want and it directs you to the post on instagram where you can contact the seller. 

  • How do I contact Brandusedboxing?

email: brandusedboxing@gmail.com

Instagram: @brandusedboxing

  • Do you ship internationally? 

Yes, we ship internationally duties, taxes, and tariffs are paid by the buyer and we accept no responsibility for lost or damaged packages.

  • How do I know if an Instagram seller is legit, well ask questions, use paypal's buyer protection program, ask us if we have dealt with the person before, basically ask questions, and do your homework to minimize risk. We accept no responsibility on a deal that doesn't go as planned. That is between the buyer and seller not BrandUsedBoxing.